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A little progress for the site :D

I was finally able to fix the slider problem of the template! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally, the slider cannot load the first slide and only shows the little loading circle.

I tried to contact the template provider but no reply received. Somehow I figured out from the codes that the slider was originally from Nivo Slider, so I tried to use the Unite Nivo Slider extension in the Joomla site, but it just didn't show with the same background with slanted lines in the template :((( The first slide, however, was able to show without a problem. Then I contacted Unite Nivo Slider, but they were not able to fix that issue for me, because the slider was not appeared as a module in the website :( The slider was hard-coded inside the template.

BUT, they did give me a piece of very useful information: the Unite Nivo Slider only works WITH a position! That sounds obvious but that helped a lot!!! As I mentioned before the template has very limited positions, and I suddenly remember I saw some information a little while ago saying how to create a position in a template by myself! So I tried to create a new position in the template where the original showcase position was, with the extremely simple steps from this website, and put the Unite Nivo Slider inside! Voila! The slider appeared with the slanted lines background in the original template!

I'm ready to move on to the next thing on my to-do list: the floating banner!! Hope that I can also fix the drop-down menu issue as well!


Got the floating banner working on the home page and the drop-down menu fixed!! I can't believe how simple it is to 'fix' the drop-down menu!! There is no problem at all with the original template, and the only thing I have to do to show the sub-menu properly is to click "Yes" in the "Show Sub-menu Items" under your menu module in Module Manager!!! Thank God again!!


Church Website Progress

Before I started this blog, I was actually working on the website for my church, MPCAC (Metro-Phoenix Chinese Alliance Church) :D This is the very first time for me to build a website using Joomla, a Content Management System (CMS), in order to let our pastor and staff update information on the web more easily.

The installation part of Joomla was a breeze with the help of many useful Joomla tutorials on the web such as the videos from Joomla Direct. Using Joomla 2.5 is also not as difficult as I thought with the help of this super informative and simple video tutorial from CloudAccess.

However, as I know almost nothing about coding, I started out choosing a template from globbersthemes and started modifying the graphics inside bit by bit. The templates designed by Globbers are simply amazing and got the style I'm looking for, but the module positions of the template are very limited, and there's no documentation on the positions at all :(  I spent hours trying to figure out which codes to use to modify certain things and fix little bugs inside (still one bug haven't fixed). But still, I love Globber's template design, and they're not expensive at all (or free for lower Joomla versions)! 

Despite the occasional obstacles and doubts, getting the final approval from our pastor and being able to see the website on the live site gives me peace! It works out after all! Thank God!! :D

Here's a sneak peek of the site:

Will update on the progress of the site later! :D


Welcome to my petite blog!

Hello everyone!

This is a blog dedicated to documenting my pursuit of an illustration and design career, which I always wanted in my life! It's a thought inspired by Holli Conger, the author of the blog 'A Girl Who Creates'! :D

I'll also share my thoughts, my art, probably some tutorials and everything I love here! I would also like to connect with more friends in the illustration and art licensing field with this blog. :D

You may take a look at my illustration+design portfolio here or here! I do have an old, old blog that is in Chinese :p You may find quite a few interesting vector drawing processes inside while I was contributing my comics to a Christian newspaper called Herald Monthly :) Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! :D