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For a Facebook Page :)

I've been hoping to open a personal Facebook page for some time after reading the consulting post from A Girl Who Creates :) However, since the new addition to our family, I haven't been able to really be very productive...BUT, every now and then, when I'm not taking care of/playing with my little kitty Noel, I'd try to make tiny progress to the Facebook page, namely the FB page banner :)))

In my mind, I know I can just take any illustrations I drew before to make the banner and quickly start the FB page, but my stubborn perfectionist heart just wouldn't let me, as it doesn't match with the little girl picture :p (although it was drawn over two years ago :p but I still love it as I so want to do more freehand drawing after spending 8+ years using AI to draw all the time!) So, below are some of the experiments I've been working on :) It's so much fun to play with different color combinations and patterns! :D And the style is more geared to a hand-drawn feeling as I progress (newest design on top, click the image for details). I still haven't decided on which one to use yet, and I may still add in new designs before finalizing it :) Your comments are most certainly welcome!!

Some color combinations that I'm liking at this moment :p

These are some of the colors that popped up in my mind one night when I was about to sleep, and I quickly hopped off the bed and put them in my iPad (so please excuse my very ugly handwriting and graphics :p) The Christmas palette tells you it was something made back in December...:p

Although my progress is slow, I'll still try to make some baby steps on this journey to an illustration career :) Thanks for reading!!! :D